Saturday, March 31, 2018

I have a new prop.

I have a new prop, haven't performed with it yet as non specific remote control detonator handhelds were not invented in Edwardian times and my present engagement has me in a bowler,burlap wound stilts, pins nez and backup monocle.
aah Edwardia, before technology existed, although...gunpowder.

Pre electric was Edward. So I can't use the remote detonator.

It's Black, rectangle, one inch square by three, on one face is a flip/toggle switch which lights red when switched, it's all black, then you switch the switch and it's made visable, a bright red dot. Then at the top the only other bit of red, a small finger plunger, a sphere of red, the final trigger.

I've been getting some dark clown out of this thing, I am indeed suffering from chuckles.
I'll use it for the port credit and Toronto fests.
The ability to hold in your hand the audiences imagination of total annialation.
Every evil genius worth anything's had a version of one of these.
 Now I have one.

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