Sunday, October 17, 2010


Saw Robert yesterday, the night before that and the day before that.

He's given all his juggling props to a village in Africa. If he survives he realises he will have to go and snatch them back.

He has a backlog of drugs because he grabbed all that was offered, he can't take methadone,it gives him a rash, and whatever he had before that made him vomit all the time.
He offered me a drug overdose with him and his male dog that bites people on Halloween. Strangely I declined.
He's got a growth on his neck which is the secondary cancer, [it appears there's a race] the primary is in his tonsil . He walks talks the same, he bounces round telling stories. I have some vid I have yet to look at, just him with dogs shit like that.

We went through his wardrobe, selected something peter panic will love, I got a tshirt.

They had a big hungi here for him, buried cooked pig trad style, night in his honor put on by the community, everyone gave him heaps of cash to which impressed him.

Kumi seems to think he'll pull through. She's everpresent except when she's working.

I'm going to visit him every week. I live about 2 hours away, he's in week 3 of 7 and asked at the end of the second to be put into palliative care, it was because he couldn't swallow, your throat gets infected when the radiation or chemo or whatever kills off the ecosystem, you get thrush in your throat. As was his tastebuds have been burnt out so he can't taste anything, complete no taste.
The doc promised to heal his throat if he carried on the treatment and that's worked, he can swallow, he's just going to keep going til he doesn't.

His trucks getting fixed by someone putting a lot of work in it for him and Roberts involved in that.

He'd like to hang out with Gazzo, lots were mentioned and I don't want to put my stamp on this but if you want to share a laugh with him it's sooner rather than later. He's comparitively OK now, but bear in mind he did ask to be simply allowed to die last week and the halloween mass suicide offer with the dog might do bearing in mind.

as I say I'll be seeing him every week and will update you.

also consider coming into the Kona-side of the island, we could look at whoever visited coming in those weekly 36 hour visits with me. I discussed this with Kumi, less impact on their infrastructure and a rhythm of sorts. Again just improvising.

I sent an email to Gazzo, thats where it stands. I'd like him to be here next week, tues. He hasn't replied yet. If Gazzo hasn't the means I know the hive mind could make it happen. cos I'm so optimistic and pro life.

He started to get mean the way he gets, the way he needles and I just looked at him and said, "Get em in while you can Robert" and he smiled widely. I got him to laugh and be grateful multiple daily occassions, it's not hard, he's predisposed.

I might put these letters up on my website so people can be directed to progress if they are not on this mailing list. Does anyone else think that's a good idea? I'll be taking film and stuff and already have some.

hey everyone...peace. pass this on to whoever might be invested.

martin ewen

second part here

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