Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kumbaya for idiots.

So It's quite deft, it's not about what you want, our culture goes to great lengths to bind us to the idea that lifes about what we wish for. New this, bigger that, happiness as we imagine it just round the corner. Quite sad really as we marinate in a lifetimes succession of micro victories like grains of salt seasoning a quite purid soup of constant unfulfilment.

So my theory is the answer lies in finding things that only you can do, and doing them. I dance on stilts and am a disgruntled clown, I also write. I do one or more of these things every day and they meld without any effort on my part. They all have me in common.I have a unique group of eccentric creative friends, in large part because like them I've focused on finding something only I can do. When I meet people I look for what it is that no-one else does. Everyone has something.

It doesn't matter what it is, you are unique, find a way to express that and make some effort every day in that regard and you will find peace and you will find power.

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