Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Clowns employment, The Roaring Twenties



A financial collapse
“A financial collapse occurs when all ‘faith in “business as usual” is lost. The future is no longer assumed to resemble the past in any way that allows risk to be assessed and financial assets to be guaranteed. ”
*Clowns still viable/employed/transitionable..[Transition is recognized as a verb..but it probably hasn't become widely accepted as a transitive verb]
A commercial collapse
“is triggered when ‘faith that “the market shall provide” is lost. Money is devalued and/or becomes scarce, commodities are hoarded, import and retail chains break down and widespread shortages of survival necessities become the norm”
*Clowns still viable/employed/transitionable..
A political collapse
“A political collapse occurs when ‘faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost. As official attempts to mitigate widespread loss of access to commercial sources of survival necessities fail to make a difference, the political establishment loses legitimacy and relevance.”
*Clowns still viable/employed/transitionable.. 
A social collapse
“A social collapse occurs when ‘faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost, as local social institutions, be they charities or other groups that rush in to fill the power vacuum, run out of resources or fail through internal conflict’.”
*Clowns still viable/employed/transitionable....
A cultural collapse
“A cultural collapse occurs when ‘faith in the goodness of humanity is lost. People lose their capacity for “kindness, generosity, consideration, affection, honesty, hospitality, compassion, charity”
At this point clowns become unemployed. [or in the best of worlds die hilariously.]

I’ll just do warm up…..