Friday, March 28, 2014

Boy with tape on his face

It's invigorating to see his approach.
The film-maker has his own good game, showing via editing the frustration a variety performer feels backstage sometimes.
The boy himself kinda leaves himself bare.
He's just a prop comic from Oamaru, a tiny town in the south island, who went to the circus skills school in Christchurch at the polytec and had a show he knew he sucked at and then put tape over his mouth to shut him the fuck up one day and now he's a big deal in what he admits is a small circle, even after a Royal performance slot.
As he says,
"That one moment when the audience is watching your show, is the most honest normality of the whole thing.

 'It's not important',..."Yeah It's incredibly important but it doesn't matter. It's incredibly important but nobody cares except you."
It's a great video. I can relate.