Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rumple transcript.

I'm getting some old stuff finished, clearing the decks. Here's a transcript of a taped conversation I had while driving Rumple/ Jolly goodfellow where I simply ask him "What's it all about?"

Martin; So Rumple? What’s it all about?

Rumple; Yeah..there's too much out there for anyone to know,

Martin.."so your answer to what's it all about is a question mark."

Rumple; Yeah I think that sort of sums it up [laughs]
I mean…pretty simply…but what's behind the question mark? [laughs]
I mean..yeah..there's so many words that you can come up with that you can try to define it, to sculpture meaning out of it all, but uh yeah the human mind's a fascinating thing you know, there's just so much out there, my mind's wide open, I don't claim to know the meaning of it all, I don't think there's any human alive that can fully encapsulate everything with words, there's so many different levels, you know, there's so many different ways to look at things, or even the same things,so many realities and cultures…space-beings, yeah, planets,[laughs]

I mean [laughs] it’s just so cosmic, you know, it’s just..goes on forever and people claim that they know it, you know, but people on this planet you know they go to universities and read books you know but a lot of our things, initially come from the imagination of the human mind, human perception, human imagery, so we can comprehend you know, in a human context so we can relate to it..but there’s more than meets the eye. 

But I think it is quite fascinating that humans out of all species can modify the environment to such an extent to be able to control it but ah, yeah there’s just a lot going on and when you break it down, the science of everything, there’s just a, Its mind boggling, overwhelming.
Yeah you could read all you like but ah, it’s always going to be a mystery. I mean I think thats the beauty of it you know? keeps us guessing. I mean how can one living entity claim to know everything when you look at the scale of the universe, the stars and everything. Scientifically how could scientists understand everything, but ah, yeah I’m just keeping an open mind, I’m just a fool you know [laughs]

yeah…yeah, you just got to do what you can, enjoy life, make the most of it, you know it’s an array of, a palette of life you've gotta make the most of what there is to offer. I mean it’s quite interesting too, you know, I think, you know like Buddhist monks, you know, can have a completely different outlook but also being an artist is magical too you you can marry the best of both worlds, like you know I think it’s quite beautiful to play music, to juggle, a bit of all, everything. Yeah, I’ve gotta meditate more, I mean oneness, the ultraverse, the alt averse, the universe, yeah it’s all so cosmic and I’m just a goose in inverted commas, I’m on my ‘L’ plates, yeah, how do you figure it out? Through art, through entertainment, through philosophy, meditation, dreams, sometimes you just gotta look at the big picture but you get lost in all the details, [Laughs]

or you break it down to a science. Fuck how detailed is it? Because dillions of mere atoms spinning around in a, you know, like, some strange glue of atoms that binds it all together, all this stuff in the universe, like fuck, what the hell is going on? does anyone really know what’s going on? Yeah it’s all happening, crikey, yeah you know I just think, universe, culture and spirituality, everything has it’s pro’s and cons, but I think love transcends all politics, you know there’s so many barriers, with politics, the people, you know, forget, religions have a different path but they all have a similar goal about Love, but it’s completely different. yeah love is the greatest power of all, I mean it’s just like, if there is God, God must have a pretty strong point [laughs] it’s just a big sex bomb [laughs] love is the bomb. The plan, everything, masculine, feminine, even the french language, I mean, or german they have ah, like you can have a female chair and a male table, [laughs] That’s pretty funny.[garble +Laugh] I’m a androgynous hermaphrodite, I’m a lesbian transvestite, no I’m an asexual, jesters don’t have sex.

Martin : They reproduce through the laughter of others.

Rumple; Yeah, [Laughs chokes] Yeah there’s a species that.. [changes subject] but what I do is just try and ah set things off, spread multiple giggleasms, so things just ah, you know, get creative, laughter of ah..[changes subject]
God this is awesome! check this out, [picks up camera] this is so incredibly beautiful.
[changes subject back]
I mean ah, maybe I mean God is.. Where everything is God I guess, I mean whatever you call God, you know where all a part of..we’re all in this together. It’s good to be a part of it all, our life force, the energies, it’s about energy too, so much energy out there and in a way I think everyone effects each other with all the energy that goes on in the world across the planet you know, the vibrations,of even of you know, Gods or archetypes, yeah I mean there’s many different different levels, ah, cos I guess to a certain extent you know, I mean there’s so many beliefs that, just, just you could go on and talk about it forever, it’s just

Martin; So it would appear.

Rumple; Huh?

Martin: I said so it would appear.

Rumple; Yeah I mean like, I mean people think, some people think that animals don’t even have a soul. But ah, I think animals, [pats chest] oh shit, sorry, I’m just, my heart just jumped then, caught an irregular beat,
Yeah [uninteligible] spirit

Martin; Don’t die in my car Rumple

Rumple, No I know, my dad had a heart attack, yeah and he was only 2 years and a few weeks older than me.
Yeah , I mean sometimes I’m amazed but other times, you know, when you just think about things, your mind can, you know,, it’s much more of a, I don’t have to talk forever, you have a sense of feeling like your feelings, emotional intelligence. I must meditate a bit more though, be a good thing to do, the inner journey, the outer journey, sometimes I get lost in the kingdom of grammatical sense.
I find it interesting too, words you know, to sculpt someones expression or meaning and I think that’s why a lot of people too, in the world, have conflicts, because of ,um,you know, communication, and expression. There’s a lot of beautiful people out there who can’t express themselves, they get lost in translation. 

But ah, yeah, emotions are a really incredible thing you know, to be a human being, to be alive, it’s just so fascinating, people come and go and you think in the past and the present and future. If only time travel was possible you could hang out in the past and present and future at the same time. What’s the meaning of life? Yeah, ah, pretty out there. I mean you think of a brain and it’s just..I mean if you stretched out all the ah, all the connections in the brain, probably extend to the moon they say..
I don’t know, I’m just a goose inverted commas, I don’t know what’s going on, it’s beyond me,my words, what are they [laughs], I’ve gotta, I’ve gotta go and learn english properly. I still don’t even speak english properly. It is pretty interesting when you think of English the language too because all the blend you know because there’s a bit of french there and Scottish I mean, I don’t know, you could just go on forever, yeah. 
Who am I? Who are you? What are we? We think we know it all, us people, it’s very people based isn’t it, People, it’s all about people, we are it, yeah. I put my faith in people. Nothing else. The universe is only planet earth, the universe, there’s no other life forms, we’re the only life form…naah

There are... I believe there are many other life forms.

Martin; I think you are one.

Rumple; Yeah,..Do you think there’s a higher intelligence than us?

Martin, Well I know I’m not the brightest person in the world.

Rumple, Do you think that you’re not bright? You read a lot of books.

Martin; I’m above average but that’s meaningless.

Rumple, But you read a lot of books, you must know it all Martin.

Martin, They’re not mutually inclusive statements, I read a lot of books, there’s a lot of books I haven’t read.

Rumple; Yeah I mean you can just get lost in the world of information.
Yes, it’s interesting isn’t it, I mean when you speak about the concept of God, no matter what religion, you know, I mean some people are closed minded, they don’t like to talk about new age topics or anything outside of the philosophy of christianity or the bible or whatever but everything has a bit of truth in it, beautiful art, philosophical art, ideas, but ah, yeah, I can’t believe in any one particular thing, of religion, I think it’s total integration of everything put together, all the elements, you can’t divide anything fully or separate, it has to be a complete oneness, even though it’s hard, like, something like, it’s not good to have any enemies at all, anyone in the world but ah, it’s not easy sometimes in this world .

 I mean, you know It’d be so wonderful if everyone could love each other and there was no begrudgement , but I guess, it’s kind of bizarre when you think, I mean you think of a John Lennon song ‘imagine’ but in a way it probably would be a bit boring if every country was the same country and there was no France, no Italy, no Spain, because you know it gives a bit of character, but, I don’t know if it’d be ideal or I mean it would be very beautiful if everyone could live together in peace and harmony and you know, just share the love and laughter and..but it’s hard to imagine what the world would be like if it were all the same because then there wouldn’t be different languages would there? I don’t know, Yeah, there’s..every subject, you know is, [Laughs]

Martin, Come on! Only 47 hours to go!

Rumple; Oh no! geez, help. I need help I need to see a psychologist to tell me who I am, I need professional help, I’m only a fool, don’t listen to me. I don’t know what’s going on. You know, go in, go to church or if you haven’t time have a personality test with scientology, they’ll tell you what the real deal of, what the universe is I mean sitting in an office under a fluorescent light, all day, on a busy urban street I mean they must know what’s going on, I mean, I could believe in nature too, I mean, it's good, and love, I mean I think love is the true meaning of life. 

Oh fuck, look at this, Jesus christ [grabs camera and shoots out window] fuck, my camera, could’t get it. Jesus, fuck a duck, That was, that was, if only I could have shown you what I just missed, then you would understand, [laughs] ah criky. I’m back to square one. I think martins knows what it all is, what it’s all about. I think martin ewen is God,I mean, I’m sorry to disappoint everyone [laughs] [laughs a lot] yeah,