Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pleasurably Catatonic

This fellow I used to see when I trained out to Freo from the city to have a change from busking downtown.
Fremantle had it's own set of enclaves, nooks and a rotating main pitch outside the markets  flanked by the pub.
John Butler sometimes put himself in the crook of a 'Y' shaped mall leading from one block to another. It was shady and few businesses doorways were contained, the doctor used to flow through it.
 [The doctor is the breeze from offshore that starts at 3pm sharp all through the summer]
I'd be scouting pitches and come across him. He was a serious spellbinder, the way his music builds on itself becomes pleasurably catatonic to someone who's perhaps just dropping some shopping back at the car. It's like some magnetic mathematical cobra to the unwary.

Now he's huge but he played just as well in a small covered arcade to passers by as he does here and I feel a little spoiled as a consequence. The stuff I've come across on the street......