Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dubai, day one.

I know nothing about this place apart from my own unfounded prejudices.

I had always thought it evolved via sudden cash influx through it's own cultural perspective.
Like an Amish teenager suddenly given 20% of the worlds currency.

It's very civil and safe, I haven't been here 24 hours yet. It's hot, Perth hot. 100+ degrees daytime [and with first show 4pm-ish I'll have to remember to hydrate bigtime.

Socially there's old and new. I like me my old school peeps.

This mornings buffet had something labelled 'Foul Medamass'  I passed but after the jetlags worn off I may try it tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Packing a sad or spitting the dummy.

A New Zealand idiom is 'To pack a sad'
It means to rave discontented about something.
I think Australians use it too.
Although Australians have their own brilliant idiom for the same thing also.
to 'spit the dummy.'
The inference being that's what a baby does before screaming.
So 'To pack a sad' or 'spit the dummy' same same.

I got a nice friendly letter from a festival person today but I knew better.
Paranoia is a gift. Life is a cruel hoax, an immense intergalactic mechanism designed over billions of years to focus hardship in a very narrow band that's coincidentally my lifespan and me.

If I can put stilts on and whiteface and a helmet that all goes away.
I'm idiosyncratically self medicating that way.
There is a tribe of us. Differing methods, same application.

I mistakenly research and foolishly presume I'm scheduled for a roped off stage.
I spend an hour on a letter more mischievous than venomous but still pretty swashbuckley, [I'm doing this gig no written contract as presumably a cultural concession but they've bought the ticket]

I'm interrupted by a friend congratulating me and sending a link to a page I missed that outlined my performance perfectly.

send was never sent. I was saved. I had selected two friends to run it by first for 'tone', the first sent me the link.

Waste of time. Except for this bit. and the word happenchance.
Packing a sad/Spitting the dummy

"I would rather do what I do well, as found theatre or some form of happenchance and build audiences than inhabit showcase platforms for 21st century vaudville. Nothing against it, some of my best friends have best friends who are 21st century vaudvillians."

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Street theatres cultural worth.

What theater is essentially is manipulating time and space for effect. It could be said that it’s a conceit in which certain incomprehensible truths are alluded to and felt on some barely fathomable level.

One of these truths is simply this; we simply don’t have a clue what’s going on. We take direction and call it individuality. We succumb to rituals and conventions that define us and occasionally if we’re lucky some canny technician will temporarily remove our bedrock and yet we will be too entranced to be frightened.

What I love about street theatre done well is that this collective wonder is produced in that endangered environment known as a public place.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love this guy..

"In the world today we have the resources not just to feed everyone, but to give them a decent life, with education, entertainment, and housing that is warm in the winter and at least not unbearable in the summer.  We can cloth everyone well.  We have had the ability to do this for at least a hundred years or so, in theory, we’ve had it in practice since the recovery from World War II.

To do so, however, we must believe that we should, and we must be willing to act on that belief.  There will be sacrifices (a lot fewer billionaires, a lot less McMansions), but in the end even most of those who complain would be objectively better off, because inequality is robustly associated with worse health and less happiness, even for those who are the richest.  The top .01%, if they were still the top .01% but had far less money and power, would be happier and healthier in such a world.

As such, the battleground of belief; of ideology, is as important as that of technology. It is belief, mediated by power and turned into behaviour, which determines what actually happens in this world."